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Prosthetic scanner equipped with the full version of EXOCAD software. The optimal CAD / CAM solution for technicians and dentists.

Very fast scanning process:

  • Scanning several bars simultaneously ("Multi-die scanning")
  • the ability to scan the so-called "scan- body"
  • Multi-die Scanning also for work with implants
  • Impression scanning
  • It allows you to scan for orthodontic treatment
  • Speed: 20 sec single point 30 sec full model
  • Fully compatible with Exocad software

PIDental scanners and EXOCAD software purchased from mikran.pl do not require any license or annual fees.

When buying a scanner with EXOCAD software at mikran.pl, apart from the highest quality equipment, you get:

  • introductory training to the EXOCAD system
  • full technical support + consultant care
  • 2-year hardware warranty
  • in the event of a scanner failure, we provide a replacement scanner free of charge for the period of possible repair

Exocad software:

Be part of the future. Exocad DentalCAD is a modern tool for any dental technician who wants to reap the benefits of the ongoing digital revolution in the world of dental prosthetics. Digital restoration design has never been so accessible and easy to use. It will help you increase efficiency and profit. The EXOCAD software is reliable and designed to cope with every task you put in front of it in your daily work.

Technical data:

Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz Number of axes: 2 Light source White LED light Technology: Structured light Resolution 1.3 MP

Software: Open to:

EXOCAD, 3shape, compatible with STL files Accuracy 10 microns Dimensions 310 x 444 x 330 mm (W x H x D) Weight 16 kg

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